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Posted on August 22, 2017 in Firm News

At the Law Offices of Scott Family Law, our divorce attorneys in San Diego, CA created the Family Law Scholarship to financially help those struggling to pay for a higher education. We strongly believe in education and what it can do to further advance someone’s life.

Before Scott Family Law went to law school, he received his BA in English Literature from Macalester College in Minnesota, and his love for the art of writing and poetry has never waned. That’s why, within our guidelines for the scholarship, we asked for an original short story or poem, along with evidence of financial need, proof of academic standing, and/or a display of community participation. We encouraged those who applied to tap into their imaginations and let their creativity flourish.

Today, we are proud to announce that we have found the 2017 winner of our Family Law Scholarship. Shannon Reid submitted a beautifully rhythmic poem describing her Sophomore year at the University of Cincinnati. She outlined her struggles and her triumphs over the year, as she learned to manage her academic and extracurricular activities.

The flow of the poem won us over, as well as Ms. Reid’s submitted evidence of her community participation. After recognizing the educational gap between her University and the Hughes STEM high school, located less than a hundred feet away, Shannon took it upon herself to create a mentorship program to help the young kids at Hughes. After earning her own mentorship certification from the Boys & Girls Club, Shannon created a program that would maximize the personal, professional, and academic benefits for the mentees. And in 2016, they were able to start their first program with a total of 28 participants, or 14 mentors and 14 mentees.

Shannon will be continuing her involvement in the mentorship program remotely as she starts her journey into law school. Shannon will be attending the University of Pennsylvania Law School this fall and we hope that our Family Law Scholarship will help her in her pursuit of a higher education. Congratulations Shannon, we can’t wait to see where your educational path will take you.