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Month: July 2017

California Divorce Statistics by County

on July 13, 2017Posted in Divorce

Divorce Rates Within California: How Does Your County Compare? While divorce rates have gradually gone down over the past twenty to thirty years, it still tends to be a very popular topic of conversation. Recently, many articles have come out disputing the very common belief that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. While there… read more

How Do I Request A Restraining Order in San Diego?

on July 12, 2017Posted in Domestic Violence

The sad truth is that domestic abuse occurs far more frequently than is commonly understood. If you or someone you know has been the victim of domestic abuse, you may be wondering: What types of protection are available in Family Court? First and foremost, if you or someone you know are in danger, call the… read more

Fighting for a Military Father’s Rights in San Diego Family Court

on July 3, 2017Posted in Child Custody,Military Divorce

I recently had the opportunity to represent a young Father in his custody and visitation case. This Father was a member of the United States military stationed in San Diego. A custody and visitation situation arose when his child’s Mother decided to move across the country for financial reasons. Without representation, Father filed a motion… read more