Ending a Divorce Case with Reconciliation

On January 4, 2017, news broke that Anthony Anderson (of the TV shows “Blackish” and “To Tell the Truth”) and his wife Alvina Anderson dismissed their divorce action. (TMZ.com) The case was filed in September 2015. Reasons for filing a dismissal of a divorce case can vary, but a dismissal usually indicates reconciliation between the…

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What is a divorce calculator?

We have seen several questions lately about California divorce calculators. What is a California divorce calculator? The simple answer to that question is that there is not one specific “divorce calculator” in California. There are actually many items to which a person may be referring when using the term “divorce calculator.” San Diego family attorneys…

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This is How You Start a Divorce Case in San Diego

You may be in a position where you know that you need to start a divorce case – the court process of ending your marriage or registered domestic partnership, but you do not know exactly where to start. You may have already discussed divorce with your spouse or registered domestic partner, or you might not…

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San Diego Family Attorneys Request Court Orders for Fees

Attorney’s fees and costs in California divorce proceedings are awarded in specific circumstances determined by California code sections. Here are a few code sections commonly used by San Diego family attorneys: Family Code § 2030 – Need-Based Award This is the most commonly used code section to request attorney’s fees and costs. This section requires…

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