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Category: Court

Hardship Deductions in California Child Support Cases

on July 26, 2019Posted in Child Support,Court,Divorce,Family Law

Are you having trouble paying your child support order? Depending on your financial circumstances, you may be entitled to a deduction. First, we have to acknowledge that California child support uses a “Guideline” calculation. The Guideline takes into consideration the number of children, both parties’ income, certain deductions from income, and the proportion of time… read more

Expedited Custody and Visitation Orders in San Diego Family Court

on July 11, 2019Posted in Child Custody,Court,Divorce,Family Law

Expedited Custody and Visitation Orders in Family Court Family Court cases often involve emotional disagreements over how parents are going to split parenting duties – Will custody be shared? If not, who has custody? What schedule will the parents and children follow from day to day? Who will be responsible for dropping them off at… read more

San Diego County Bar Association Releases Judicial Evaluations

on May 17, 2016Posted in Court

The San Diego County Bar Association has completed its evaluation of the candidates for judicial positions in the upcoming election. The San Diego County Bar Association evaluates each candidate to determine whether they are qualified or lack the qualifications necessary to perform their required duties. All four candidates were evaluated as “Qualified” this year: Judge… read more