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Category: Firm News

Dog Law

on October 9, 2018Posted in Firm News

Over the years, many of my divorce clients are eager to ask me the question: What is going to happen to our dog (or cat, or other pets)? This situation arises when a couple adopts or purchases a dog during the marriage, and then they divorce. Since the dog is community property, it is subject… read more

Announcing the winner of the 2017 Scott & Matteson Family Law Scholarship

on August 22, 2017Posted in Firm News

At the Law Offices of Scott & Matteson Family Law, we created the Family Law Scholarship to financially help those struggling to pay for a higher education. We strongly believe in education and what it can do to further advance someone’s life. Before Scott & Matteson Family Law went to law school, he received his… read more

San Diego Family Law Attorneys and Fundamental Rights

on April 20, 2016Posted in Divorce,Family Law,Firm News

A person’s right to be represented by a San Diego family attorney should be viewed as fundamental. The Supreme Court of the United States just recently released a new opinion highlighting the importance of a criminal defendant’s right to choose counsel. In Luis v. United States (2016) 578 U.S. ___.  The United States Supreme Court… read more