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Category: Firm News

Dog Law

on October 9, 2018Posted in Firm News

Over the years, many of my divorce clients are eager to ask me the question: What is going to happen to our dog (or cat, or other pets)? This situation arises when a couple adopts or purchases a dog during the marriage, and then they file for divorce. Since the dog is community property, it… read more

Announcing the winner of the 2017 Scott Family Law Scholarship

on August 22, 2017Posted in Firm News

At the Law Offices of Scott Family Law, we created the Family Law Scholarship to financially help those struggling to pay for a higher education. We strongly believe in education and what it can do to further advance someone’s life. Before Scott Family Law went to law school, he received his BA in English Literature… read more

San Diego Family Law Attorneys and Fundamental Rights

on April 20, 2016Posted in Divorce,Family Law,Firm News

A person’s right to be represented by a San Diego family attorney should be viewed as fundamental. The Supreme Court of the United States just recently released a new opinion highlighting the importance of a criminal defendant’s right to choose counsel. In Luis v. United States (2016) 578 U.S. ___.  The United States Supreme Court… read more