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Category: Prenuptial Agreement

Should my fiance’ have an attorney to sign our premarital agreement?

on May 6, 2019Posted in Prenuptial Agreement

Should my fiancé have an attorney to sign our premarital agreement? The importance of each party being represented by their own San Diego prenuptial agreement attorney is essential. This allows both parties to become informed about their rights and obligations. Premarital agreements set forth rights to property and support – which may greatly alter ones… read more

How do people beat a prenuptial agreement?

on May 6, 2019Posted in Prenuptial Agreement

How do people beat a prenuptial agreement? There are several ways a party can argue a Prenup should fail. California Family Code Section 1615 is titled, Unenforceable Agreements; Unconscionability; Voluntariness. This code section sets out the primary ways a premarital agreement may be set aside. Look first to see if they were not provided sufficient… read more

Prenuptial Agreements

on April 12, 2019Posted in Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements are becoming an increasingly common and are no longer thought of as being for individuals who own lots of property, operate a successful business, or earn a considerable income. Prenuptial agreements (also known as a premarital agreement) are a way for parties before they get married to understand their rights and set forth… read more

Prenups and Private Judging

on October 19, 2018Posted in Prenuptial Agreement

This TMZ story reports that celebrities Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have signed divorce documents. (Source: There are two aspects to this celebrity divorce article that might not stick out to a casual reader, but that deserves a little more attention and discussion. First, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris had a prenuptial agreement. Prenuptial… read more

Can I Avoid Paying Spousal Support With a Prenup?

on December 1, 2015Posted in Alimony,Family Law,Prenuptial Agreement,Spousal Support

On one hand, prenuptial agreements (“prenups”) can be a smart decision for two adults who have taken the time to think about how they want to plan their future and ensure they each receive protections they agree upon. On the other hand, prenuptial agreements can be abused where there is an imbalance of power, lack… read more

Do you have an opulent life style?

on October 31, 2015Posted in Assets,Child Support,Prenuptial Agreement

Another fun support case on the other side of the spectrum from Stewart v. Gomez is the In re Marriage of De Guigne. This is a quote from the De Guigne case regarding the parties’ background: “The family maintained an opulent lifestyle. The house was staffed by two housekeepers, three gardeners, a laundress, chef, child… read more

Why Husbands and Wives Should Have Prenuptial Agreements (“Prenup”)

on January 12, 2014Posted in Prenuptial Agreement

Commonly Heard Phrases Indicating Agreement and Compromise Between Spouses: Prenuptial Agreement (aka “Prenup”) Antenuptial Agreement Marital Agreement Post-Marital Agreement Marital Settlement Agreement Stipulation to Judgment The terms “Prenuptial Agreement,” “Prenup,” “Antenuptial Agreement,” and “Pre-marital Agreement,” suggest the same thing: An agreement made by husband and wife before marriage, which would affect their property rights. It… read more