Explaining Warning Signs of Abuse

Domestic violence is a threat for many people who are married, and estimates indicate that almost 70 percent of all instances of domestic violence that occur in a marriage take place after a couple has separated and are moving towards a divorce.  However, that does not mean that there is no threat before separation has occurred and after the subject of divorce has been mentioned.  Anyone who fears being abused in this regard should seek the immediate help of experienced San Diego domestic violence lawyers, and below is a look at the potential warning signs of forthcoming abuse.

Verbal Threats

Many instances of domestic violence are preceded by a period of verbal threats and abuse.  Specific examples of these verbal threats include accusations by one spouse that the other has engaged in infidelity, threats that warn of impending physical violence or even death and many other examples where something an abuser says is clearly indicative of dark emotions and urges that exist inside of that person.

Overall, people who may be under the threat of abuse should trust their instincts.  They should also take the increasingly violent verbal abuse seriously, as it tends to be rare that the cycle of abuse will end with those verbal threats.  Instead, spouses in this position should take immediate steps to protect themselves and any children who are present.

The Presence of Firearms or Weapons

While many instances of domestic abuse involve simple assault and battery, there are many others that involve firearms and weapons.  If someone who may be a threat to abuse a spouse has access to firearms in the home or even common household items that could be used as weapons, the other spouse should sense that abuse could be imminent and treat it that way.

Substance Abuse

Another serious warning sign for forthcoming domestic abuse is the presence of another form of abuse – substance abuse.  If the would-be abuser has a drinking problem or regularly uses any type of intoxicant that leads to the potential for incoherent thoughts, actions and violence, the spouse who is under threat should waste no time in protecting him or herself from what could transpire the next time those substances are abused.

How San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyers Can Help

If you are living under the threat of domestic abuse, whether it’s real or perceived, you need to act immediately to preserve your safety. Seek the help of San Diego domestic violence lawyers who have been helping those in this untenable position for many years. Contact the law office of James D. Scott today to schedule an initial and confidential consultation.
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