Professional athletes not only tend to make a lot of money, but they also live in the eye of the public, both of which make any divorce situation more difficult and complicated than it is for many others. No one would want their divorce to be covered daily in the media, but that’s unfortunately how things tend to progress when someone with fame and his or her spouse decide to end their marriage.

In situations like these, discretion is usually of paramount importance so that those involved with the situation can avoid undue embarrassment, any children of the marriage do not have to suffer unnecessarily in their daily lives and the athlete is able to continue to concentrate on his or her job that is clearly very difficult and is only performed by the rarest of gifted people.

Why the Scott Law Offices Handle Professional Athlete Divorce

Watching my people drive in runs at the ball park and defense rapid plays like a wall of titanium certainly adds excitement to my practice. Professional athletes and their families have unique needs with difficult playing schedules, demanding community work, and unpredictable incomes.

These incomes can change almost any day, and when these circumstances change they can create immediate hardship for anyone who is paying child support based on the income that was presented to the court at the time the divorce was granted and the payment of child support was ordered. Many athletes will face the prospect of bankruptcy or even criminal charges because they do not take the steps necessary to have their child support orders modified, even when doing so would be just and equitable.

Child sharing schedules need to accommodate the athlete so that the children gain the most during these tough years. This is not an easy matter either, as few professions must deal with the extremely strenuous travel schedules that are part of reality for most professional athletes. As such, child custody and visitation agreements and/or orders should take these factors into account so that the parties to the divorce and especially the children involved do not have to overcome any confusion and resulting stress by not being sure where to be at any given time.

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How to Proceed

At the Law Offices of James D. Scott, we work with every client to make sure that we have a clear understanding of his or her priorities. While the circumstances surrounding the life of a professional athlete may involve a relatively unique set of priorities, that doesn’t change the firm’s approach. If you would like to work towards a resolution to your marriage difficulties, contact the San Diego divorce lawyers at the firm today to schedule an initial consultation.
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