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Posted on June 21, 2016 in Child Custody,Family Law

family lawAlthough rapper Future and singer Ciara’s son is only two years old, the famous couple has already made waves in celebrity Family Law news. Ciara recently requested sole custody of the couple’s child, alleging that father Future was a not-so-great parent. Ciara was attempting to modify custody orders the parents had both agreed to. Future opposed Ciara’s request for sole custody and requested a joint (or shared) custody arrangement. The Court was not persuaded by Ciara’s, or her attorney’s, arguments, and kept the current custody arrangement in place.

We know that California courts generally favor joint custody arrangements, absent a reason affecting the child’s health, safety and welfare that would justify a sole-custody arrangement. The two parents in this case appear to be embroiled in a long and public bout of “he said, she said.” High conflict cases require a different approach to parenting and a different approach to addressing custody and visitation issues in court.

San Diego divorce lawyer Scott Family Law is a Certified Family Law Specialist and has decades of experience in high conflict custody and visitation cases. Let the attorneys at Scott Family Law help you with your custody and visitation issues today. Please contact our office at 858-974-4900 to schedule a consultation appointment with Scott Family Law.