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Posted on July 3, 2017 in Child Custody,Military Divorce

I recently had the opportunity to represent a young Father in his custody and visitation case. This Father was a member of the United States military stationed in San Diego. A custody and visitation situation arose when his child’s Mother decided to move across the country for financial reasons.

Without representation, Father filed a motion for custody to avoid Mother taking the child with her. When the parties attended mediation, the mediator recommended the child move with Mother across the country. Father decided he needed legal representation, so he called the Law Office of Scott Family Law.

In order to protect Father’s rights and his relationship with his child, quick and decisive action was needed. At the hearing on the move-away issue, I took the time to present the judge with information relating to this Father’s day-to-day involvement in the child’s life, the care network he had established for this child here in San Diego, and the detriment that would result if the child moved across the country to live with Mother. Over several hours of taking testimony, we provided the judge with this information, along with additional facts relating to the “La Musga factors” that are considered in a California move-away case.

I then cross-examined the Family Court Services mediator and confronted her with evidence she did not consider during mediation. The Family Court Services mediator acknowledged in open court that the new evidence would cause her to re-evaluate her position. The judge found this persuasive.

Ultimately, the judge ordered that the child stay here in San Diego to primarily reside with her Father – the opposite of what the Family Court Services mediator recommended. Mother would have visitation with their child, but the child would live in San Diego. Father thanked me and The Law Office of Scott Family Law for the skill and hard work that we put into his case.

If you have questions about Father’s Rights, custody and visitation for military families, or San Diego divorce, in general, contact the Law Offices of Scott Family Law by calling (858) 974-4900. Scott Family Law is a Certified Family Law Specialist with more than 35 years of experience.

Disclaimer: This is a communication from the Law Office of Scott Family Law. This is not a guarantee, warranty, or prediction of future results of representation. Each case is different and prior results are no guarantee of future success.