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Christine Foster

Executive Assistant

PHONE (858) 974-4900

FAX (866) 852-4537

New York City gives us its best. Christine is one of them. She was born in New York and she graduated from high school in East County. Christine worked locally at Dixieline while attending Grossmont College. Her favorite classes at Grossmont were Nutrition and Computer Science.

It didn’t take long and Ms. Foster went to work for Richard Thorn and Attorney Gerald Jessop, CFLS until he took the bench as Judge Gerald Jessop. At that point, Ms. Foster was successfully working on the campaign to elect Judge Jessop to the bench.

The law firm was a lot quieter without Mr. Jessop and his clients in the office. Ms. Foster continued to work for Ward and Thorn, specifically helping Richard “Dick” Thorn with Estate Planning. After about five more years, she left to work briefly in a civil litigation office in Orange County. Thankfully, nine years ago Christine came back to work in San Diego, this time in a bankruptcy firm.

Ms. Foster has a lot of friends who have been the movers and shakers of East County. That lead her to the family law practice of James D. Scott, CFLS six years ago. Today she is responsible for attorney-client communication and making certain that everything is completed on the calendar.  Keeping four attorneys on track is asking a lot.

Christine is a member of a blended family with five children including four boys and a teen-aged daughter. Her best times are with the family and that includes cycling at the beach, skiing, watching movies, and shopping.