“My name is Milan Lavelle and I am a single mom of two young boys. I left my ex-husband in 2003 and went through four different attorneys before Mr. James Scott was referred to me by a civil litigation attorney in 2005. Mr. Scott has remained my attorney to this day, as I am STILL going through child support and child custody issues with my former husband. Prior to working with Mr. Scott and his team of highly intelligent and efficient assistants, I felt hopeless in my case because I lacked confidence in my attorneys. I was frustrated with their lack of time and attention to my case. I felt as if they really did not care about what my ex was doing to our boys and to me. Once I spoke with Mr. Scott, he made me feel as if I was someone who deserved justice and he was the one to show the judge that justice needed to be served in my direction! I found relief when Mr. Scott began to represent me; my stress level lessened… and that felt wonderful. Every member of his team at Scott Family Law is highly skilled at what they do. I have all the confidence in Mr. Scott, as well as his right hand man, Tom Kirby, and every person working in his law office. Divorce, child custody, and child support issues have all been heart wrenching and have taken a toll on my life; however, with the help of Scott Family Law, my spirits have lifted and some of that weight has been removed from my shoulders. I again have life; I can enjoy my time with my children and carry on my daily activities without being in total stress! My boys and I are fortunate to have Mr. Scott as our advocate”!

Milan A. Lavelle

Anyone who faces the prospect of a California divorce that’s going to be litigated has much to lose.  However, California high asset divorce cases involve assets worth an enormous amount of money, and as is seemingly always the case, these situations can become extremely complicated.  Given that California community property laws depend on accurate financial disclosures, anyone who is facing this situation should seek the help of experienced San Diego high asset divorce lawyers as soon as possible.  Below is a brief introduction to this issue.

How Are Assets Hidden?

People who are of a high net worth tend to have their assets spread around in several areas.  There is obviously a cash reserve available and other assets that cannot be hidden, such as the family home and the vehicles that the spouses drive.  However, there are other assets that may not be known to one of the spouses, and examples of these assets can include:

  • Deferred bonuses
  • Deferred stock options
  • Deferred pay raises
  • Business payments to a non-existent account
  • Off-shore holdings

Any or all of these types of situations could involve substantial amounts of capital that would always be relevant to a California divorce case, as the law requires that the assets in a marital estate be accounted for and then split between the spouses as evenly as possible.  If a spouse successfully hides these assets, they may never be included in the divorce and the other spouse may not obtain his or her fair share of the estate.

How San Diego High Asset Divorce Lawyers Can Help

San Diego high asset divorce lawyers who have handled these cases many times in the past have likely been through this process many times.  Not only will they have a good idea of where to look for assets and what to ask for during the discovery and disclosure process of a California divorce case, but they will also have professional resources available to help them track down these assets.

Specifically, San Diego high asset divorce lawyers who have experience will have forensic accountants and other highly skilled professionals at their disposal to help uncover assets that may be hidden almost anywhere in the world.  These professionals are well worth the investment for their time given the potential recovery that could result from their work.

How to Proceed

If you are facing the possibility of a California high asset divorce and you want to be sure that all hidden assets in the marital estate are properly included in the case, you need to seek the help of experienced San Diego high asset divorce lawyers who understand how to fight relentlessly for disclosure and fairness. Contact the law office of James D. Scott today to schedule an initial consultation.
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