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Welcome to Our Firm

Hi, I’m Ellen Scott. I manage the Scott family law firm. I’d like to take you on a tour of our services:

We are located in Murphy Canyon on Freeway 15 halfway between Qualcomm stadium and Highway 52. We are 15 minutes from La Jolla or EI Cajon and 20 minutes from Escondido or Chula Vista.

Our family law firm is dedicated to quality in mediation and courtroom representation. Accuracy in advising our clients, and a powerful presence in and out of court, delivers results.

You may be concerned about child custody, alimony, community property or child support. Do you have separate property or did you have money before you got married? Do you own your own business?
Do you have a professional career in sports?

If you fill out the domestic interview forms on our home page, our specialized team will be very accurate in analyzing your future.

Your future depends upon how you handle yourself when faced with a divorce. The decision to hire a lawyer and how you relate to that lawyer is critical.

Please call me at 858-974-4900 for a consultation with Mr. Scott before you sign anywhere else. We’re Scott Family Law. Let us come along side and let us help you

About Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a great way to go. Mediation works when both spouses want to keep it cool and out of court. We’ll begin your case by making a joint appointment and taking the best path to settlement. Mediation requires two components.

The first is “Communication”… where you and your spouse share information at arm’s length, the way that I’m talking to you right now. If you can come to agreement at our office, then you have the foundation for keeping your case out of court.

The second component is “Knowledge.” You have to have a knowledge of all your financial affairs. From there, we’ll apply family laws, and craft what is best for your children in light of widely accepted principals of childhood development.

We use a controlled format taught by the Northern California Mediation Center more than 10 years ago. Four appointments and you are done, in most cases. No one goes to court and our success rate is over 90%. The cost is modest and divided by two. We’re Scott Family Law. Let us come along side and help you.

Extraordinarily High Income

If you make $1,000,000 per year, with one child, the Guideline law could calculate that this single child needs $6,500 per month for support. We think that is absurd. Extra Ordinarily High Income is a term found in Family Code Section 4057. This label of extra ordinarily high income begins at about $1,000,000 per year. Let us discuss with you how you may qualify for a deviation down from that harsh guideline on child support.

Professional athletes and executives have unique needs that we understand. Although Scott Family Law practices at all levels, including charity cases and we provide judge pro tem services to the court at no charge, our niche is representing baseball, football and basketball players and executives in child support and family court. We have decades of experience in these types of cases and our clients come from Nor Cal to So Cal, to Houston, to Boston and Minneapolis.

If you are an agent, a manager, a player or an executive, give us a call. We’re Scott Family Law. Let us come along side and help you.

About Prenuptial Agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements are a good way for “opting out” of the whole community property system. People can opt out of spousal support, as well.

Once upon a time, pre-nups were disfavored by the law. In fact, in the early 1980’s, I bragged that I could bust any pre-nup. Today, however, after the Supreme Court decisions of Barry Bonds and Pendleton and Fireman, pre-nuptial agreements are actually favored by the law.

Why not define your rights and responsibilities up front and avoid a battleground in a divorce?

Before you get married, if you have a career, property, a pension or retirement, or children of any age, you should have a pre-nup.

We write Pre-nups, negotiate the terms, and advise people on prenups written by other firms from across the country. We’re Scott Family Law. Let us come along side and help you.

100 Favorite CA Family Code Sections

I wrote the book entitled 100 Favorite California Family Code Sections and 105 Laws of Evidence. It’s widely used by family lawyers throughout California. We provide a copy of the book to everyone who interviews in the office. These laws or Code Sections are written in Sacramento and signed into law by the Governor. The Code Sections are interpreted by courts of appeal and the Supreme Court. Since we must follow the decisions of those higher courts too, my readers find the book perfect for quick references. I summarize the laws and state the cases from the higher courts. By looking at the law in the book, my people are in a better position to make educated decisions. We’re Scott Family Law. Let us come along side and help you.

Choosing a San Diego Divorce Lawyer

If you fell and broke your hand, you’d seek a well-qualified specialist.
Your rights in family court and divorce are just as important. So, when you interview a lawyer ask these four questions:

First, are they a certified specialist in Family Law? A certified specialists has passed a second Bar Exam. Few others have. Our proven experience and additional training satisfies the State Bar. We have also undergone thorough background checks that ordinary lawyers don’t do.

Second question: have they conducted at least 3 actual trials in the past 2 years? A lot of attorneys talk big but settle everything out of court. They roll over. It is called “puffing” and we know who they are.

Third, ask them if they’ve been practicing law for 20 years or more, as Scott Family Law has. We used to say that an attorney who has been in practice 5 years is dangerous to himself. And an attorney who has been in practice 10 years is dangerous to himself and those around him.

Finally, in order to assess their experience, ask them what happened after they passed the bar. A lot of lawyers come out of school and “hang a shingle,” then take everything from drunk driving, to accidents, to divorce. Be smart and hire someone who specializes in family law. We’re Scott Family Law. Let us come along side and help you.